Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Photographers Wedding Vol 2

How beautiful is this custom headpiece Audrey wore? Proof that adding a little color (even/especially black) in your bridal ensemble can be stunning for your wedding.

The Wedding Day.  I think it had to be the hottest day in the history of Florida.  But let me say this...nobody cared.  It was just so wonderful being at this celebration that the heat and sweat were the last thing anyone was thinking about.

Since Audrey and Mile didn't have a wedding party, they opted to have one of their favorite poems on the ceremony program.

We decided to switch the processional and recessional to take advantage of the Heitman House as the backdrop.  So Pastor Hagmaier, Grant (Audreys little guy), Mike and Audrey appeared from the porch and walked towards the guests. At the end of the ceremony, they recessed towards the river.
This is one of my favorite bouquets ever.  I just loved the touch of feathers and gray mixed in with the Peonies, and Iris' and Roses.

I want to draw attention to this boutonniere.  Sue Bain sized it appropriately for Mike's stature and its the right colors for the suit. I can't tell you how big a difference this makes.  In other words- make certain that your florist knows what your groom and groomsmen are wearing and at a minimum your grooms height and stature.

This wedding was intimate and in a beautifully landscaped waterfront backyard, so we really didn't need to add too much.  Just a few arrangements hanging at the end of the 1st and last rows. The Queen Ann's Lace, cabbage, and lily stole the show.
Did you see vol 1?  Well by all means go visit.  And be sure to check back for vol 3 as well (the reception).
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