Wednesday, January 11, 2012

THE PRO SERIES: Roey Yohai's Inside Secrets

Roey Yohai

When did you start working in the wedding industry?
 I started shooting weddings around 11 years ago, as favors for friends & family; after shooting for a newspaper in Washington DC for 3 years and photographing weddings on the side, I finally made the switch in 2007 and have been shooting weddings full time since.

What made you decide to go into the wedding/event industry? 
I love the entire day! It is full of terrific human moments and emotions; and it is like a giant photo-op: everyone is dressed up, made up, and celebrating, laughing, expressing their love. Its a great way to make a living!

What is your proudest achievement?
Other than my son Alex, having my wedding from Lake Como published as an 8-page spread in Martha Stewart Weddings was definitely a highlight.

How many hours do you spend working with a client?
This varies a bit, but beside the preliminary meeting and the wedding day, I spend between 4-6 full days working on a wedding’s post production, which consists of editing and toning the photos for my clients; burning DVDs; posting galleries; sending prints.

How long is your average wedding day from start to finish?
10-12 hours

If you are not in the profession that you are in now, what job in the wedding/event industry would you like to try? 
I don’t have time to work on the other project I love, which is documenting food cultural traditions that are disappearing around the world. You can see some of this ‘slow food’ work on my documentary site.  Or I can see myself running some sort of outdoor adventuring outfit in Greece.

What can brides do so that you can do a better job for them on their wedding day?
I greatly appreciate having a group photo list, as well as having someone that can easily recognize who they are, rather than having to call around for a family member. Having a timeline prepared is very helpful, and its even better when I get the chance to discuss the timeline and give my input as well.

What is the favorite part of your job?
I love traveling for weddings. About a third of my weddings each year are destination weddings, from Europe to the Caribbean to Florida. But really regardless of where I am I enjoy documenting the couple’s love for one another, the small looks they give each other during the speeches; the pride they feel at the recessional when everyone is cheering them. And the tenderness of the father-daughter dance makes me wish I had a daughter to share a moment like that with one day.

What inspires you?
Alex is my main inspiration. I am also inspired by traveling to new places, they are refreshing and I love the new challenges they bring. 

What is the most unique and extraordinary thing that you have seen at a wedding?
There are so many extraordinary moments from weddings I’ve shot. The most amazing was the wedding in Lake Como, at a breathtaking villa with a gorgeous bride & groom. After the groom’s speech he surprised his bride (and everyone else) with fireworks, while Pavarotti was playing on the loudspeakers, it was magical.  Also shooting at the Chateau Mirambeau in France was incredible; a stunning castle with beautiful details.Then there are some funny elements, like a just humongous, overflowing shrimp bar at a recent wedding as well.


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