Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bridal Portrait art and tips for your bridal session

A bridal portrait is the perfected image of you in your wedding gown.  Traditionally,  the photo session is scheduled a few weeks prior to your wedding, so that a print can be framed and prepared for the wedding day and/or wedding announcements.  Last week I was introduced to another phenomenal idea for using your bridal portrait.  Enter artist Diane Bronstein.  Diane takes the bridal portrait image of you in your wedding dress and paints a watercolor or pencil "gown painting".

From the frame-able gown painting she can then also create thank you cards. Aren't they stunning?
To have your gown portrait made, her fee is currently $185.  She does offer options for oil paintings, digital scans and reproduction rights.
I wanted to include a few bridal portraits in this post so that you could have an idea of what portraits can possibly look like.  So I reached out to some of our photographers and had them send a few favorites over.  Between the images below, I will also give you a few tips, how-to and why to have a bridal portrait. Imagine these images as a watercolor or sketch!
Above Photo Credit: Impressions Photography.
Tip: One of the best things about having your bridal portrait taken in advance is that it will cut out a big portion on your "photo" time on your wedding day.  Its a good 30-45 minutes that you can free up on your already packed wedding timeline.
P.S. This is our bride Lindsay from this past fall- couldn't you just die over her dress? The train was detachable.
 Above Photo Credit: Ashley Brockinton Photography
Tip: You can have your portrait taken with or without a bouquet.  You can also choose to have your portrait taken in a studio like this one, or outside.
P.S. This is Christy, the winner of the 2011 Grand Wedding!
 Above and Below Photo Credit: Nancy Cohn Photography
Advice: Don't be afraid to be yourself.  Yes, I think you should absolutely get a classic image.  But how about something fun too (below)?
 Above Photo Credit: Audrey Snow Photography
Side note: Notice that in this image she's holding her bouquet.  Personally, I do think it adds to the bridal look.
 Above Photo Credit: Mike Moreland Photography
Side Note: This is Brittany, one of our brides from this past spring.  Be sure to pick up the Occasions Magazine (Winter 2013 Florida or Georgia issues) to see her stunning white wedding wedding feature!

Above Photo Credit: Maria Glassford Photography
Tip: Bring your mom or a friend with you to help you maneuver in and out of your dress.  One person is enough though- your session should not be turned into a party!
 Above Photo Credit: Tonya Malay Photography
Advice: Your bridal portrait day is also a another great opportunity to fine tune your wedding day look.  Be sure to have your hair & makeup done for this!

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