Friday, June 01, 2007

The Cool Factor: Furniture

Every now and again I'll have a client who just wants to do something really cool. Something non-traditional wedding that won't interrupt the flow of her wedding, but will for sure add to the atmosphere. I always suggest good lighting 1st of course, because lighting totally transforms a room. Next though- furniture. Kick it up a notch! Especially if you have the option of having your reception in 2 different rooms; one for dinner and one for dancing. I got the new catalog from Room Service yesterday and was so excited to see all the cool new furniture they had. I especially love this round bar. How cool would it be to leave the dance floor to grab a cocktail from this bar, and then sit at this bench and watch your 80 year old Great Uncle Jack & your crazy roommate from college boogie down to a little Earth Wind & Fire?
Oh and yes- I am all about splitting the reception into dinner then dancing. Why? Because its really 2 different vibes anyway; I say take advantage of it. Dinner is for eating, toasting & talking, and beautiful romantic music. Then there's party time. Celebrate with fun music, dancing, and a party atmosphere.

101 Destination Wedding Planning Tips

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