Wednesday, May 30, 2007

There's chocolate and then there's Norman Love Confections

Can I just tell you that I still haven't eaten a piece of this. And yes, I want to. But its just so amazing to look at that I have forced myself to wait a week so that everyone who came through the door could see how beautiful it was. The packaging is awesome to say the least, however its the confections inside that are jaw dropping. Each one is like a piece of art.
I received this box as a gift and I couldn't have been anymore excited just when I saw Norman Love on the top of the box. I literally started jumping up and down in my brides suite.
So today we will free the confections! Raspberry is my favorite to eat but I think passion fruit is the prettiest. Wait no, I like the coffee truffle best. I better stop now.
Lucky for me Norman Love is actually based down here in Ft. Myers. But for those of you who aren't so lucky, they ship! And of course, they do have wedding confections. That's about a super special treat for your guests. WOW. Or perhaps a special welcome gift for you soon to be in-laws or guests who have traveled far to celebrate with you.

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