Monday, July 02, 2007

Candle Challenge: Tall Tapers

I was challenged recently with a restrictive budget and a need for some tall candlelight (approximately 100 candles). Using candelabras was not an option as fire codes required all flame to be in glass. Pillar candles were also not an option because we needed too many and we would have been way over budget. Floating candles were also not an option because they really missed the mark with the tablescape I was trying to create. So I came up with this idea and it ended up saving us a huge amount of money. Boxed taper candles are very inexpensive (along the lines of tealight and votive candles). They're also very elegant. For this particular event (engagement party - dessert & cocktails), the colors were earth tones, so I bought a dozen bags of dry beans peas that were literally like 39 cents a bag, a couple bags of coffee (for the heavenly aroma). You could also use sand, rock salt, river rock...endless possibilities. Anyway- I filled the glass cylinders up about 3 inches with the beans and peas- just enough to hold the taper steady. Voila! Inexpensive, elegant, and fabulous.

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