Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank you notes ROCK!

Isn't it so true? Think about it. The last time you received a handwritten thank you note in your mailbox- didn't it just make your day? Every time I get one my day is instantly better.
Me, I love to send notes as much as I love to get them. Actually, I take that back, I might actually enjoy sending them more. I smile when I think about how happy it might make the person that is going to receive it. After each wedding or event, I send thank you notes to all the vendors who worked so hard to make that wedding better than my client expected. Usually, if I can get a good photo of the bride and groom myself, I'll include a snapshot with the thank you note.
So as you can imagine, I go through a gazillion thank you notes a year. And I have issues with sending the same card out time and time again. For that reason, I buy new cards every month. I do try and keep with my business colors, but every now and again I get wild when I find cards I just can't pass up. Here's the card I am using this week. It's a Crane & Co. card (Roses is the design).
I sent one to Clint Wiley yesterday to thank him for making my summer bash the party of the year (ok, I was the only one who voted. But I had a great time, and so yeah, it was. I'm totally cracking up right now by the way.)

Here is the number 1 question I get asked by my clients when it comes to thank you notes, "What do I have to send one for and how long do I have to get it out?"
Answer: Send a card to ANYONE and EVERYONE who sends you a gift or helps you with your wedding. Mail it within 5 days of receiving the gift or help, if you really want to make an impression. Now, when it comes to actual wedding gifts, that you receive at your wedding, obviously you have a little more time. But try not to go past 6 weeks. However, it is never ever too late. If you realize that you never sent a note for something you should have months ago- send it anyway, it will still make the recipient smile.

If you have a thank you note that you think I would love to get my fingers on, let me know!

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