Friday, August 10, 2007

"Wait, did someone get #17?" : The Bustle

You've got the dress of your dreams. And you've got the perfect bustle too. I have to admit, bustling, after all these years, still makes me nervous. Why? Have you seen some of these creations? There is a science to it, miss one and the whole thing is screwed up. Now, it's not so bad if there are only like 4 ties or two hooks. But when there are 27 - yes, TWENTY SEVEN, you can have issues. 27 little tiny white bows underneath 5 yards and 6 pounds of duchess satin requires at least 2 people who know what they are doing and 1 groom with some really strong arms. Why strong arms? It can take 20 minutes to get all those little ties done, and all those yards of satin need to be held at least shoulder height so that the people tying the little bows can read the little numbers on the underside of the dress. Nope folks, it ain't pretty.
So what to do? Have your designated bustle buddies (your bridesmaids, mom, or sister) go with you to your wedding dress salon or alteration shop and learn the best way to bustle the dress and to know exactly what it's supposed to look like when its done. The last thing you need is your grand entrance into your reception to be held up for 45 minutes while someone figures out your bustle DNA or for it to all come undone during your 1st dance.
This Ulla-Maija gown had a great looking bustle, and yes, it was the 27 tie kind that took 3 of us. But it looked fantastic didn't it?

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