Friday, August 31, 2007

Lovely. Pretty. I want it.

I'm not having a wedding again anytime soon, but if I were, I could say that I found my cake. I saw it on the TODAY show the other morning, and I think I began to druel a little. Ha!

The cake is so simple, but grand at the same time. Truly though, what makes it, is the gorgeous wreath of flowers around it. I just adore it. I love the flowers, the colors, the size, everything. I searched up and down the TODAY show and Martha Stewart Weddings websites looking for a photo of it and couldn't find one. So I vowed not to watch anymore of the TODAY show Martha Stewart Wedding segments. Yeah right. I'd make it like 1 day. Who am I kidding? No I wouldn't. So rather than swear off wedding tv, I commented on Darcys blog to ask her if she could find a photo of it and today she posted it. Thank you Darcy.
Oh, and the designer is Matthew Robbins. He's fabo. I wonder if he's available for the wedding I'm not having.

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