Saturday, January 26, 2008

I cried 4 times this week

I know, I cry alot. But I cried for good reasons.
1. My dad got engaged and he asked me to plan his wedding. I am beyond excited. This past weekend I went to go find their venue. We had a blast.
2. I got the most wonderful voicemail from a bride I hadn't talked to in forever. She was a bridesmaid in a wedding and had to do a ridiculous amount of work at the wedding, chasing down a dj when suddenly there was no music playing and dealing with a snooty egomaniac photographer. Truly, it was the nicest most heartwarming voicemail I've ever received, and it made me sob.
3. Mail stops are always fun. I love to get the save the dates and invitations my clients send me. But even more, I love when they send me notes and cards. This week I got a card from Sarah & Billy who got married in '05. Man I miss them! So much so, I started crying in the post office. Actually, it was the aka Billy used- it brought back the most hilarious memories from one of their planning trips. Bobby had to be there.
4. My laptop crashed. BAD BAD BAD. Hence 3 days straight of crying.

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