Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tradtions at a non traditional wedding

This summer I have an amazing wedding in the works with a non-traditional couple. At our last meeting, there was quite the discussion over cutting the cake. Something along the lines of, "Why are we having a wedding cake if we aren't having a tradtional wedding?" This lead to a few more similar questions all leading to the same general question, "Can you still incorporate wedding traditions at a non tradtional wedding?"

My answer? Absofreakinglutely.

If you love the look of the chuppah, but you're having a non-denominational wedding, use the chuppah. Why not? They do look pretty don't they?

If you're having a commitment ceremony & reception- you can still call it a wedding and you can still have a wedding cake, and still have the traditional cutting of the cake.

Some wedding "rules" truly are outdated. Plan the wedding you want- not the wedding that was appropriate 60 years ago. While some etiquette and traditional elements shouldn't be disturbed, I think its great to allow some leeway here!

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