Friday, November 14, 2008

Here's to Another Great Wedding!

Writer Bride's Cheerful Celebration

Everything about Writer Bride makes me smile. Truly, she is one of the giddiest people I have had the pleasure to know. Why Writer Bride? She earned that title with the 1st email I received from her. Most inquiries I receive have a name, a wedding date, and maybe if I'm lucky- a possible location or city under consideration. Not Writer Bride though, her initial email took me twenty minutes to read and had me cracking up the whole way thru. Hilarious descriptions of everything from the way she and Mr. Writer met, to the planning chaos that she had been dealing with. The girl has had me laughing for months via over 300 emails we exchanged. By the way, 300 emails is on the low side for our clients (which is why we are a boutique firm). Writer Brides emails were longer, so we had fewer.
Her wedding reception was full of life. It was a rare occassion where we were able to use bright colors that just exuded happiness.
All photos in this post were taken by me, so yeah, they aren't so good because I am not a photographer who knows everything about lighting, angles, speed and all that stuff I find unfathomable to remember all at one time. But you get the point. To see better photos- always check out the photographers websites & blogs!

Location: South Seas Island Resort, Captiva, Florida Yes, we love doing weddings here!
Photographer: Ashley & Sam Brockinton, they ROCK!
CupCakes: Flour Cupcakes, kind of an addiction for me.

It was a busy day and I didn't get a picture after the entire room was complete. But weren't the colors awesome? Color changes everything gang! Check out the difference between white/ivory linens and color. For sure something to consider.
We did half low centerpieces and half high
Custom napkin rings! A simple detail that got lots of "Oooohhhs!"
Fun table numbers
This is the tall centerpiece
Fun lights in the boogie down room.
The little details table
The sign says it all. Writer bride loves Candy corn, so this was a little surprise for her.
The escort card table(notice we transformed it over the weekend!)
Engagement photo guest signature frame was a surprise from the Maid of Honor

Milk shots accompanied the cupcakes! We also used the milk shots for the after dinner toasts. That was so cute!

Unfortunatly, we got pretty tied up and were not able to get any pictures of the happy couple and their wedding ceremony. I'm sure though that photographers Ashley & Sam Brockinton will have plenty though. I had a sneak peek at a few pictures and I am certain you'll see that they are off the charts once they get a couple posted on their blog. Speaking of their blog- they just launched a new website and blog that I adore. Please check it out. They are amazingly talented and as fun as their bubble gum pictures.

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