Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kakes by Karen. Or I should say the Greatest Kakes by Karen?

Wedding cake. I adore it. Seriously, its right up there with wedding books on my list of favorite things. I love to feature the cake at the weddings we design and of course I love to eat them if there's an extra slice.
I have been so fortunate to work with some very talented cake bakers over the years. There is one though who I absolutly have to "call out" right now because she went above and beyond for a client of ours recently and well, it's time she got a little spotlight!Not only has Karen of Kakes by Karen designed some of the most perfect cakes for my clients, but they taste out of this world. I'm not just saying this, nobody is paying me to say it, they're really that good. My favorite, anything with the Lemon Curd. Yum.
The other thing about Karen is her passion. You might walk into her kitchen and showroom to just pick out a cake, but you'll walk out ridiculously excited about your custom wedding cake. During your consultation you'll taste her amazing fillings and cake flavors and she'll give you the 101 on what goes into creating your masterpiece and then finally she'll do a custom design for you. Sweet is what I say!

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