Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spotlight on Ashley Brockinton Photography

Big Color Photography with edge

Today: The ceremony
Tomorrow: check back for guys & gals

Remember this summer I was working on this years showcase? Yeah, I really got behind on it because of our early fall weddings. Still, this was one of the finished pieces that came in and what better time to post it than now?
Photographed by Ashley Brockinton of course! The bride is Ashley Perkins and her planner was Mary Hines.

All photos from here down were taken by me, so yeah, they aren't so good because I am not a photographer who knows everything about lighting, angles, speed and all that stuff I find unfathomable to remember all at one time. But you get the point. To see better photos- always check out the photographers websites & blogs!

Yesterday I had a visit from Sam Brockinton from Ashley Brockinton Photography. He stopped by to drop off images from our most recent wedding together (Writer brides wedding at South Seas Resort) along with a cookie bouquet that was nearly too cute to eat. But we ate it anyway, and we ate the cookies on top of these super cute napkins Ashley made as well!
Sam had the cutest little helpers with him, Baby Olivia and her big sister Isabella. My little Emily (the one with the crazy hair that 100% matches her personality) was ecstatic to have a few visitors to the studio that were more interested in drawing on the floor than looking at wedding books and watching wedding videos.

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