Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bridal Shower idea (this post is for bridesmaids)

I keep coming across this place setting by Amy Butler. It's anything but typical, and so of course- love it. While I can't say that I would register for it as my "good china", but its too special for "everyday", and I still want it.
I had a V8 moment (you know, that smack on the head from the commercials? I think those are so funny). This is a great place setting for small dinner parties, luncheons, or breakfasts! A set of 6-8 would be perfect.
So here's how the bridal shower part fits right in. Each bridesmaid contributes one setting, as her gift. Only, you don't wrap the gifts. Use them as the settings on the table for the shower you're hosting! Have your bride sit down at the table and let her unwrap one of the empty place setting boxes, with a note inside that explains what she's received. How lucky is your friend? So lucky.
By the way, did you know Amy Butler has free pdf designs you can download? How cool is that? Thank you Amy.

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