Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Idea & Inspiration Notebook

Giveaway at the end!

This morning I took my weekly idea & inspiration walk thru my favorite shop and of course purchased much more than I should have. Well, I do want to replace some of the decor items we lost in the robbery earlier this month. So I think it's okay. See all the lovelies? I can't wait to use them. Dying to actually. Anyway, I also came across this perfect notebook. It's small enough to fit in most of my bags, and ummm, I love the colors. Well, they had 3. I took them all. And I thought I would share 2. Just post a comment on your favorite item from below and we'll choose a random winner on Friday. Everyone (in the continental U.S.) is eligible, brides and planners alike.

You know of my love of books for inspiration. This one caught my eye quickly. Pottery just really can't go wrong. Feel free to stop by the Brides Library to browse thru it.

How awesome would it be to have this in your guests welcome bags? It's an acrylic (pool & beach safe) cocktail shaker with adorable palm tree ice cubes (reusable). Perfect for the day after the wedding casual gathering at the beach.

LOVE this vase. Not only is it cool on its own, but fill it with some chic flowers and "oooohh". Also, I added a pink led at the bottom of it and it was ridiculously cool.

And oh how I am so adoring this mosaic bowl. The colors, the mirrored tiles, all of it. It is centerpiece perfection filled with some fluffy flowers and surrounded by ubsurd amount of tealight or votive candles.

Finally, this is massive, but I WANT IT. How amazing would this be for a Candy Cart, Signature drink Station, or Dessert Display?

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