Thursday, March 12, 2009

It was a BAD week until today.

Photo by Krista at Impressions Photography
You know me, I am ever the optimist and cheerful one. Just try and make me angry- it's really hard. But this week was a rough one.
On Monday I was at the wholesale club and a very heavy box of canned vegetables fell on my foot. Um, yeah, totally saw stars and had to hold onto the cart to keep from passing out. It's capital U-ugly and rather certain there are some itty bitty breaks in there, but I can walk (in pain, but I can walk). Okay, its totally okay to laugh at this, because who else gets injured by boxes of falling corn?
On Tuesday I came to the studio to find we had been robbed. We lost all of our decor that we let brides use (without charge) to "umph up" their decor. Many times we used these pieces when they couldn't afford decor otherwise. This is why I was so upset about it. I wouldn't have cared so much if they took the tv- but this stuff was used for just being nice. So yeah, I'm upset. I admit to crying like 28 times that day. So if anyone sees 12 rubbermaid bins of glassware, linens, and candles- let me know. As my friend Nicole of RSVP shindig says, "I will show them my Kaa-rah-tay".
On top of this, we had about 3 major wedding fires to put out, I got food poisoning (or a 24 hour really bad bug), and a pipe leak at the house. REALLY? Is all this totally necessary for one week?

But then came today. I had an awesome floral consult at Libbys Flowers with Blizzard Bride & Groom who came down from Chicago (and who also brought us Garretts Popcorn- to die for). Then while in the midst of their music consult with Clint Wiley, the girls came into the brides library, interrupted the meeting (In my head I was thinking, "this better be good!") to show me that my design was being featured on the front page of the Style Me Pretty blog. At which sight I jumped up and down on my broken foot. Check it out, I am so excited & honored. Style Me Pretty has been on my blogroll for years because they uphold such high standards and are more than inspirational to both brides and wedding planners/designers. I could not be more flattered that they chose to feature my design work.
So yeah, things are looking up. Oh, and its totally spring here- 85 degrees and sun shining. Gotta love that.

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