Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A clever way to seat your wedding guests for dinner

Not all weddings require assigned seating at tables or seats. If your wedding dinner is a classic buffet, stations, or serving a signature plated dinner (aka no option), you can make your seating as formal or informal as you like. One of my favorite options I have is what I call Restaurant Style Seating. A while back I had a wedding where seating was a major issue that simply could not get hammered out in time. I had to think of something fast and it turned out to be one of the best seatings I have ever experienced. Read on for the scoop.

Why you might want this style:

A) You can't fathom the idea of predetermining where each of your guests will sit at your reception
B) You want to do something totally unexpected
C) You forgot to do your seating chart and you are over it already

How it works: Once your guests are asked to enter the reception room they are greeted by a seating host. The seating host takes the guests escort cards and leads them to a table with the appropriate number of seats available.
Why it works: Most people will walk into the reception with the people they'd actually like to have dinner with. Think back to some receptions you went to. Isn't this what you did? You can still use escort cards. Once the guests have their cards, they hand them to the seating host and the seating host will place their card at their seat.
A few things to keep in mind: You'll need extra time for seating. Have at least 1 seating host per 15 guests to keep things moving smoothly. DO reserve tables for immediate family and wedding party, and make certain their escort cards note this.
Best situations: Weddings under 100 guests.
To make it really neat: Have the seating host introduce newcomers to the tables using their placecards. Fancy & cool isn't it?

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