Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another great wedding video

Lauren & Joe had a gorgeous wedding at LaPlaya in Naples late last summer. They shared their wedding day with family and friends from New York to Naples. You can really see the love between these newlyweds when they share their first dance; you'll notice that Lauren is singing word for word to her new husband.  I didn't see this that night, because I wasn't close enough to see.  So the video was like seeing it from an entirely new perspective and now I have even better memories.  I'm grateful for that.  Oh and if you only knew why Lauren & Joe were laughing at their ceremony.  Oh my gosh, it was great!

Lauren and Joe - Directors Cut Video, LaPlaya, Naples from Rob Epple on Vimeo.

The only thing I wish I could experience again that wasn't on video was Lauren's reaction when I brought her into the ballroom to preview it.  It made my day.  I loved that we got to use the shades of purple from lavender to eggplant. And could you just die over the wreath of flowers around the cake?

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