Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Boca Grande Destination Wedding Vol. 3 The Reception

Every wedding must come to an end.  I wish they could all end as great as this one.

The tent was so perfectly "Boca Grande" The beautiful white draping and crystal chandeliers were filled with a mixture of Kings tables, round and square tables. We also had mini chandeliers around the perimeter of the tent that were just the perfect unexpected detail that made it not your average tented wedding.
I was thrilled that we were not using they typical glass vases for this wedding.  The purple hydrangea were striking in the white ceramic vases on top of the barely mint green linens.
Does this cake table scream charming or what?  The mixture of 2 tiered cakes and cupcakes is what kept it from feeling overly structured.  Over structured does not go hand in hand with a island destination wedding! Chic, elegant, sophisticated - yes. Forced - no.
Tell me you wouldn't want to have a cocktail here with your best friends. There's something very soothing about outdoor lounges with natural furniture and crisp whites.
Yes, this italian wedding was celebrated into the wee hours of the night. I could have taken this picture 89 times over.  Everyone had that much fun.
So cute and a total DIY by the bride and groom. We found a few open bottles on the tables...I think that might have explained some of the super smiles. Ha!
Always a huge hit, a cigar roller. I think this was one wedding where I was almost wondering if he was going to keep up with the demand. No worries...he did!
How adorable is this photograph? Father & Daughter.  Its always the candid images that grab my attention. Let me go ahead & thank Impressions Photography for all these photos now. THANK YOU.
Gorgeous Gladiolus. Beautiful fresh crisp white Gladiolus.  If I could have these in my studio every single day, I would.
 I've never been a fan of table number. I prefer to design them small for the table, to blend in while they do their job.
 Photo booths have become the norm at most of our weddings.  I know why though- they're outrageously fun. The backdrop style booths tend to work the best.  The great thing is that your guests walk away with fun photos and you get an unconventional photo album that is usually sweet & hilarious.

 If you were walking by...
Gasparilla Inn. So Florida. So Boca Grande. So Wedding.

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