Monday, October 24, 2011

Shipping for your destination wedding

When you're planning a destination wedding, one of the things that you'll have to plan on is doing some shipping.  Here at the studio we have our clients ship their items and orders to us so that we can check them before they arrive and make sure everything comes in as its supposed to be- not broken, correct amounts, etc.
The bonus to having so many clients from neat places is that we get to taste some of their regional favorites that often get placed into welcome bags or are take aways at the reception (favors).  I have to admit, Chicago and St Louis are 2 of our favorites.  Why? Garrett Popcorn (Chicago) and Billy Goat Spicy Kickers (St. Louis). YUM.

So how excited were Alyssa and I when we went to open Fridays deliveries and see this unexpected box from Garrett with this label?
Ridiculous excited.  That is what we were. As in- rip into the box asap excited.  It didn't matter that it was 10am in the least.  Best Breakfast ever. We're covered in Caramel.
Thank you Aly! We can't wait for your wedding...just don't expect there to be any popcorn here waiting for you.
P.S. We love that Aly sent us the Garrett Pink tin for Breast Cancer Awareness month.
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