Friday, March 16, 2012

How not to do a Seating Chart

Can we please stop the insanity.  I honestly can't take it longer.  If you have more than 20 guests (or 3 tables) at your wedding, it is not appropriate to post table assignments by table and not alphabetically.  Put yourself in your guests shoes.  Do you want to have to go through every table list looking to see if you are on it?  What if you were at table 14?  Can you imagine how long that takes and how mad the people waiting behind you are?  Going down 14 lists of 10 people each before you come across your name?

I love the look of this chart.  It is a great concept.  Now, obviously this one is set up for a photo since you'd have to lay down on the grass to read the bottom panes after you move the luggage out of the way to see that your sitting at table 16. But looking past those minor details - couldn't the same effect have been made by dividing the guest list by the number of panes and then spreading the names out evenly and using alphabet headers?

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