Saturday, March 03, 2012

If your wedding was in a magazine, which would it be?

When I'm working with my clients on the design concepts for their weddings I have always asked questions about their personal aesthetic, style and likes.
What movies do you love, television shows you watch, celebrities you like, stores shop at, designers and lines you love to wear...
None of these questions have anything to do with a wedding - but it has everything to do with who they are.  This is important because your wedding should very much be a reflection of you and I want to make sure that we can easily be on the same page. For instance if you said you loved Breakfast at Tiffanys, The Great Gatsby, and Mad Men, Kate Spade and Calvin Klein; instantly I know that we have a connection.  Of course, at some point its great to know where the two of us can find likely sources of wedding inspiration and this is when I turn to the wedding magazines (print & ezines) & their websites (and of course pinterest and blogs).  If someone asked you what wedding magazine or blog was your style, what would you answer?

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