Saturday, May 12, 2012

What is on a destination wedding response card?

This is the number 1 question I get from our destination wedding clients when it comes time to plan their wedding invitations and stationery suites.  Of course, there are so many options when it comes to how you request your responses both in the style and wording that you choose. However the one thing that you'll want to do is to collect as much information as possible. Trust me on this - you don't want to have to get (or guess) these answers a week or days before your wedding.
  1. Full names of each guest. There's nothing worse than having to guess the name of someone's date.  Well, maybe just knowing her 1st name. How ridiculous does this look (see right)?: 
  2. Arrival date. You'll need to know this so that you can have a good list to give the front desk with the welcome bags.
  3. Accommodations: Knowing where everyone is staying is important for several reasons.  You'll know where to deliver welcome bags and you'll know where you'll need to provide transportation. Also, if at all possible, clarify what name the reservation is made under.  Friends rooming together can get tricky for deliveries.
  4. Which events they'll be attending. Ask for each event individually!  Its fine to have separate invitations or separate cards for each event, but collect all the responses on one card if possible.
  5. Dietary needs and meal selections (if applicable): Ask for your guests to initial which entrees they are selecting.  Why?  Tell me this.  If one person places a mark next to the chicken and one person marks the beef, who gets what?  With initials, you'll know exactly who is having what.
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