Monday, June 11, 2012

engaged and inspired, vol 4

I've been to many conferences in my time, all of which I have walked away with something that 
I could apply immediately to improve something that I was doing with my business.  However, what I have found with the Engage summits is that besides:
Learning how to motivate myself and those around me,
What is new & great in the industry, 
How to think and be unique,
What I've done wrong and I'm still doing wrong (Sean Low called me out on a 10 minute bus ride and darn it I know he's right);
is that you experience great celebration, done as exquisitely as possible, in the most luxurious environments possible.
It's what our clients deserve and are looking for us to provide for them. To pull that off, you need to have that knowledge of that level of a truly amazing celebration. Doesn't that kind of make sense? So yes, you'll see lots of great pictures of just over 200 people having a phenomenal time - thank goodness.  Otherwise, Engage! would be a bit of a fail. No, it would be a huge fail, and that it is not.

Inspired by my personal Vegas comfort zone (aka roommates and tourist buddy):  Heidi Bartlett, Rachel Troyan and Ashly Olivier.  I share memories with these ladies that I will never forget. Thanks girls.
Inspired by Jes Gordon: who called us all aliens and told us to commune.  She's right. Nobody has ever told it the way she has.  During her talk she explained how she makes a point to include all 5 senses in her events and how she visually listens to her clients - okay, that is freaking brilliant.  Jes would have used a different F word.  She used that word more times than I could count in 22 minutes.  I would give anything to hear her talk again (hint hint wink wink @weddex).
Inspired by the style of Elan Villamor: who pulled off his Mad Men attire like nobodys business all while they (I Do Films) put together same day edits that blew away 200 wedding pro's who have seen more than their fair share of same day edits.
I am inspired by Sean Low: to stop denying that change (big change) is going to come, and so I better get on top of it asap.  If you don't follow Sean and his blog, boy do you have some reading to catch up on.
I just like this picture.  We were actually just raising a glass.  It was that kind of night.
Inspired by Liz Banfield: who I could not be more glad to be working with after all these years.  I appreciate her art so much (did you know she shoots with film?).  You know how when you meet someone and you can feel the kindness?  She has that.  Okay, so behind her...the boy band.  Listen, I have never been so shocked by a reaction as I was to this group.  They did a set of the biggest hits from Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, and NKOTB.  Brought the house down. I swear I know the 3rd guy from somewhere and its driving me nuts. Anybody?
Inspired by ideas I haven't implemented: but that now I can not wait to offer my clients. Above are a mocktail (which would be great for a pre-ceremony welcome) and French Macaroons displayed a little more sophisticated or sexy even.  Doesn't it seem that we only see them in wedding media when they're displayed "cute"? Below is a mirrored table, with a very pretty arrangement surrounded by champagne flutes, ready to be filled.  Next to our table was an open bottle of champagne on ice.  It was so lovely to have that available.

I'll be the first to admit that Engage is not for every wedding professional out there.  I think Liene Stevens of Splendid Communications actually put it best in her recap,
The room is full of people who do things the "wrong" way and who have business models that would make any Harvard MBAer cringe. It is a room full of people who are not waiting around for the next big thing, but who are busy being the next big thing. It is a room full of people willing to connect the dots. It is a room full of people who aren't necessarily fearless, but who move forward despite their fears.
For those who read these recaps, and are on the fence - JUMP.
I'm a bit sad that my recap series is done.  It was been the most wonderful week and I am truly motivated and excited to create better weddings.  One last thank you to the Engaging Concepts team for continuing to provide this experience.

All images in this series are by Elan Artists ReadyLuck and Scott Clark Photography 

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