Friday, June 22, 2012

The Perfect Tiffany Wedding Planning Tote

Now if I could just somehow make this perfect Tiffany tote magically appear at my doorstep.  With monogramming, and I could very well faint in pure joy.
Tiffany Jitney

What I love:
Perfectly placed and sized pockets.
Its Tiffany.
The canvas and leather. I've always loved that combo.  Durable and pretty at the same time.
Its Tiffany.
It has handles and a strap, because sometimes you want to be efficient and sometimes you want the swing.
Its Tiffany.

It is $495, so this goes into the "Splurge" column on your budget. For some this is also known as that little line item called "misc. requirements nobody needs to know about"

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