Sunday, March 25, 2007

Boy did I screw up.

So today I had a consultation with a lovely couple from Conneticut. We were supposed to meet at Barnes & Noble at 10am. I got there very early, so I sat in the cafe with my Chai Tea Latte (current drink obsession) and flipped through some wedding mags. About 10 minutes after they should have arrived I reached for my cell. IT WASN'T THERE. I had left it at hour away! I waited another 20 minutes and then panic set in. I felt completely lost without it. Not only did I not have a phone, but I didn't have a quarter to use a payphone. Which as it turns out is fine since apparently payphones don't exist anymore. UGH.
So I went to a nearby restaurant, pleaded with a manager for use of the phone, and then called my husband using a calling card number that I somehow recalled from ages ago. My husband called the bride from my cell phone while I was on the other line. Of course, his cell dropped my call (again, ugh.), and I had to remember that 40 digit calling card # again. So using my husband as a middle man we were able to find a new place to meet a few minutes away. I just felt awful about the whole thing of course, and I still haven't figured out how I missed them at the Barnes & Noble in the 1st place. Anyway, lesson learned: never ever leave home without a cell phone.

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