Thursday, March 01, 2007


I know, I already posted today, but I'm on hold... I hate being on hold.

I totally bought this book just because of a friend of mine. The thought of a tea party, is so darling. I haven't been to one- ever. But I plan on doing one. As soon as I find time. Yeah right, spare time. Anyway, I was out shopping today for a wedding later this month and I found this book while I was in line. And I was like, "Aw, how cute, cupcakes." I started skimming through it and I came to this page and said, "ok, now I have to buy it just so I can show Risa." Risa owns The Partea Planner out in California. She's also a wedding planner & designer- one of the best wedding designers I know. Check out her website if you want to see why I want to have a tea party.

101 Destination Wedding Planning Tips

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