Monday, March 05, 2007

Wedding tv shows

Someone asked me what my favorite wedding tv shows are. Truth is, I like them all. Although I usually only get to watch them when I have insomnia (I am so thankful for DVR!). Anyway, here's my list:
Platinum Weddings on WE
Married Away on WE
Whose Wedding is it Anyway on Style
Martha Stewart Weddings on Style
I also of course love to see the In Style celebrity wedding specials that occasionally run on ABC. And I will also admit that I watch Bridezillas every now and again too. It's just hard to fathom that brides can really be like that. Good grief.
There are some new wedding specials do out this spring, I'll post a note here when I know more.
OH! This Wednesdayday at 9pm est there's a new show airing on Fox, The Wedding Bells. It's a sitcom about 3 wedding planners. The previews look hilarious.

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