Friday, November 02, 2007

A call today

"Hello, is this Kelly McWilliams?

"Yes, this is Kelly."

"Are you really a wedding planner or do you just fake it for your blog?"

Totally confused, I hesitated and then responded,
"Yes. Are you really calling Weddings by Socialites and wondering?"

And then I started laughing. I couldn't help it. I know, not very professional, but it was just so funny the way she asked. Thankfully, she started laughing too.

So for those who may also be confused; yes, I am a real wedding planner. I plan about 15 real weddings a year, start to finish. I could do more, but it wouldn't be as fun. I enjoy the time I get to put in with my clients and their celebrations.

I know you're reading, and yes, I'll be calling you the crazy question bride until the day we get you get married. Looking forward to lots more laughs in the meantime

Photo: That's me with Erika who got married on New Years Eve ' her wedding...that I planned for real. HA!

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