Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I love calligraphy

However you will never catch me trying to learn it.
I absolutely love opening my mailbox and finding a true calligraphed envelope. Always a huge smile you will find on my face. It conveys to me that what is inside the envelope is special. So this year I decided that I would put some of my Starbucks Chai tea fund aside and get calligraphed 3.5x5 cards done for the holidays. They arrived yesterday and they are even more lovely than I had imagined. Rather than get envelopes calligraphed, I opted for flat cards that could just be placed underneath ribbon tied boxes. That way each recipient would be able to keep their beautiful names and place them in a small frame to use on their desks.
To me, calligraphy is an art form, and for certain arts- actually most, you need to have some fundamental talent. Handwriting is not my forte. Therefore I will leave it in the hands of Sarah Hanna.
Sarah (Toast & Tables), you're getting a sneak peek at yours.

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