Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fun in the photobooth

Photobooths are all the craze at weddings these days. And I can honestly see why now. They are ridiculously fun. There are several companies that you can rent them from, but they offer different things, so make sure to do your homework. Some come with operators, some don't. Some upload all the photos to the web to view and purchase additional prints. And some record all the images onto a dvd for the bride & groom to keep.
The one we are using at several of the weddings we're planning at the moment- www.PartyBooths.com, allows for a custom message at the bottom of the print, various background colors, different sized booths, choice of print(color/sepia/black&white), and even 2 printers (keep one/give one). As you can see, I had fun doing quality control.

It was 70 degrees. I was freezing. I am a true Floridian. Stop laughing.

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