Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Details

I get giddy when it comes to details. A wedding can be fabulous without them, but when details are implemented, prepare for a knock your socks off event. Guests do notice the details. From a nice basket of hospitality items in the ladies room, to a ribbon tied around a all counts. Susan & Chip had more personalized details than I thought possible. Have a look at these fun doodads:

Instead of a guest book, Susan & Chip had all their guests sign a small adirondack chair.

No blah table #'s at this wedding! These cool cards had illustrations of the bride and groom!

That's right, Susan & Chip bobble heads. The photographer made sure to capture the bobble heads every where throughout the evening. After seeing a few of the photos, I think the bobbleheads should have their own album.

Yum pretzels. Fresh out of the oven. Perfect midnight snack. Well, the midnight buffet actually came out at 9:30, but the pretzels, sliders, and quesadillas were just the perfect addition to the afterparty.

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