Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Real Wedding: Sanibel Style

Isn't this just one of the cutest pictures ever? Photographer Julie Goodacre captured all these shots. Jen & Scott tied the knot back in May at Casa Ybel Resort on Sanibel Island. When Jen came to me, I asked her to go through the wedding books and find images of what she liked. Many of her favorites were popular ones this year (from Karen Bussens Simple Stunning Weddings). Click on the books label to see a list of my favorite wedding inspiration books.

Have a seat...

I loved how romantic her bouquet was. And notice that Scott's Boutonierre matched!

What a pretty dress. So pretty, that two of our brides wore it this season!

Candy is not just for kids anymore:

Jen & Scott have lots of little ones in their families (like 10!). So to include them all, we had them start the processional by walking down the aisle and placing starfish on the sand at each chair. Cutest thing ever:

Jen liked the chair embellishments we did at Donna & Jims wedding. So we recreated the look in her colors:

This is a true beach lounge area. Because that whole South Beach vibe didn't mesh with this classic Florida affair:

It's the little details that make these simple tables special:

The ceremony site:

Yep! Those are oranges:

The maid of honor with both the bouquets. GORGEOUS
(and by Floral Artistry by the way):

We carried the motif from her invitations on to her menu cards:

We did a mix of round and long tables under the dinner tent. This was the round centerpiece:

And this is how the long tables looked. I loved the collection of varying vases and flowers:

Another great wedding!

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