Monday, June 23, 2008

Ripped from the headlines. Well, the magazines actually.

I spent the last few days reading months and months of wedding magazines. Back in the day (last year), I used to keep all the magazines. Now I have learned to rip out the good pages, circle the really good stuff, and send the remains on their way. Ok, so here's what I found to be noteworthy:

Martha Stewart Weddings Spring 08:
Page 193, Planning an Outdoor Wedding. Great article and some really good tips you should pay attention to.
Page 250, In living Color. Gorgeous bouquets. Martha never fails us on pretty flowers.
Somewhere in the middle, a 25% off Michaels coupon.

InStyle Weddings Summer 08:
Page 98, 5 Ways to cut down the guest list. They did leave the number one easiest way though: have a destination wedding.
Page 164, Number Seven- LOVE this idea! And I dig Matt Lauer too.
Page 168, Number 23- Chocolate. This is so easy and perfect I can't believe I didn't think of it myself. Somebody do it so I can come to the tasting.
Honorable mention, I love the chair adornments on number 22.
Page 199, Project Destination Wedding. This is a fantastic article. I'm all over it.

Inside Weddings Spring 08:
Page 75, not an article, but an ad for Chameleon Chairs. Y'all- chairs count. They can completely transform a room. If they're too pricey for your wedding, maybe consider them for one of your smaller events like the rehearsal dinner or one of your showers.

Town & Country Weddings Spring/Summer 08:
Page 57, Give Directions. If you're having guests come to a new town where they will be having several locations for your events, maps are an absolute must. Also check with your calligrapher to see if she can create something for you. is one of my favorites. Not to mention that she's just one of the nicest people ever.
Page 127, Entertaining. Just adore the signature bowl. Hate the price. SERIOUSLY, $6100?

Bride & Bloom Summer 08:
Page 39, The Art of Custom Invitations. Read this article and you will "get it".

Destination Weddings & honeymoons 08:
Page 51, Food for Thought. I love food. I am a total foodie. This article has 3 incredible chefs giving some of the best wedding dinner advice I've heard in a long time. Take advantage of the chef at your venue...let them create something spectacular for you.

Weddings Unveiled Spring 08:
Page 22 Stuff We Love. I love the stamps too. If you get stamps, do it right off the bat so that you can carry the theme through your wedding. I like to scan a stamped paper and make it a jpeg to use on things like the guest itinerary, menus, wedding party schedule, etc.

101 Destination Wedding Planning Tips

From the editors of Destination Weddings & Honeymoons