Saturday, June 14, 2008

What's funnier?

And a sincere thank you.

What's funnier? The invitation below or the fact that a former mother of the bride sent it it me this morning?I love my clients- they are truly hilarious.
If I have never said thank you before, let me say it now.

Thank you for being the best clients...all of you.
Thank you for cracking me up daily.
Thank you for allowing me to wake up and be giddy because its a wedding day.
Thank you for having me live on pure wedding adrenaline a couple times a month.
Thank you for the emails that remind me that you are enjoying this as much as I am.

Thank you for the voicemails you leave with excitement in your voice.
Thank you for the hugs and happy dances when you come into town to plan.
Thank you for letting me taste wedding dinners and cake over and over again.
Thank you for the opportunity to dance a little bit (behind a door, where nobody can see me) to a great song at your reception.
Thank you for letting me cry happy tears no less than 4 times a wedding when you walk down the aisle, dance with your husband, dance with your dad, and party with your friends.
Thank you for some truly amazing memories- past, present, and future.
Here's to another great wedding!

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