Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lists of Four

I never noticed until now how manageable the number four always is. I think I'll group everything that way from now on. After you read this post, read the four posts that follow. Its manageable.
Anyway, I was tagged by two of my dear wedding planner friends this week. Isis and Meredith, thank you ever so much for contributing to my to do list. ROFL!
Today I...
1. Worked on the new studio blog
2. Dropped off fabric to be made into runners
3. Stopped by Five Guys for burgers and fries with Andrea
4. A couple hours resource research for linens and event furniture
Still to do...
1. Reply to 18 emails
2. Find a Chicago venue for an upcoming workshop
3. Design Lucky brides menu cards
4. Get a music list to Writer bride
Some of my guilty pleasures...
1. Reality tv marathons (Project Runway, The Hills, Flipping Out etc.)
2. Wiping out clearance aisle items
3. McDonalds french fries
4. Ridiculously expensive dinners out
Random facts about me...
1. I love to send thank you notes and flowers
2. I'm married to a guy named Kelly (he's very cool; you'd love him)
3. I lived in Orlando, NYC and LA, before I made here home.
4. Vitamin water is my newest addiction. But I still adore my chai tea lattes.

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