Thursday, October 02, 2008

5 reasons to get wedding video

I am forever telling clients to get wedding video. First response: I'll never watch it. I'll bet you $10 bucks you will. And even if you only did watch it once, you will be so glad you have it. 2nd response: They're cheesy. Not anymore they aren't. In the 80's and 90's, yep, they were bad. Now though- holy cow. The cheese has left the building. Technology has caught up and boy is there a huge difference. 3rd response: They annoying and they follow you around with that bright light, and the interviews are stupid. First question I hear post wedding, "Was the videographer there? When do we get the video?" Every single time. So much for obtrusive and bright lights responses. Ha!

Here are the top 4 pieces of feedback/favorite things I get from clients who do get wedding videography:
1. Getting to hear dad's/Best mans toast one more time is priceless.
2. Actually seeing and hearing how excited groom/bride was just before leaving to walk down the aisle.
3. Hearing us take our vows, because we don't even remember it, it happened so fast.
4. Seeing myself walk down the aisle and the actual progression of groom seeing me.
5. Watching everyone party on the dance floor together. Friends and family, the music makes all the difference.

And on the other end, there are the others who will want to see it. Think ahead. First hand I can say that if you have kids, the night you break out your wedding video is bound to be a family movie night that you will never forget. I know my kids haven't stopped laughing yet. We might have to break ours out again tonight come to think of it.

So anyway, yes, Arnie from A/R Video sent me Sugar Brides wedding video this week. They had a tradtional Jewish wedding that incorporated nearly all of the Jewish wedding customs and traditions into their day. Because the Tish, Veiling and Ketubah signing happened privately, while the wedding guests are being seated for the ceremony, I didn't get to see attend these events. I was so excited to see how wonderfully they turned out! Hearing everything their families had to say was just awesome. Everyone was so excited.

Here are links to some highlight clips of our weddings that a couple great videographers sent out way.
They're directors cuts (mini highlight videos online):
Donna & Jim
by First Sight Pictures
Sarah & Ben
by Luxe Films
and also
Vanessa & Greg
Jenn & John
Melissa & Chad
Julie & Phil
all by AMC Video

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