Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Need a tent? Premier Tenting Solutions

It's a rare occasion when I find a rental company that I trust enough to come right out and endorse. Well, its officially an occasion. Should you be needing tents or rentals in Florida, I highly recommend Premier Tenting and Solutions. Here's the thing about tent & rental companies. Many times the product delievered doesn't match the product originally shown. It's a scary thought- I know. Also, having someone to speak to who really does know everything there is to know about the products available and why or why they won't work for the event you're planning is imperative. Premier tent (in Florida) has that guy: Owen McCloskey. You can reach him by email pretty darn quick! Owen{at}gowithpremier.com
Just in case you're wondering- this isn't a paid for blog post. I'm passing along this information because I really think that it can help many of you.

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