Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tower of Flowers or Cakes or...

We take shopping seriously here at the studio. Can ya tell?Today I found this gem. Sitting empty it looks like a unique display piece, sure. Me, I don't see it like that.
I see an amazing focal point for a wedding.
What I love most about this piece for wedding design is that it isn't something you're going to stick in a corner or up against a wall. It's a showcase piece, and should be in the center of an area.
Honestly, walls and corners are my biggest pet peeve. I am forever seeing beautiful wedding cakes poorly placed where they can not be truly appreciated. Rather than "kind of" showing your cake, place it such a position that it can be viewed from different places in your room. Especially, especially, if your cake doesn't have a "back". Back to this piece...

Imagine each opening filled with a gorgeous spring flower arrangement of Peonies, Roses, Lisianthus, and Tulips; or something as striking as Black Magic Rose Pomanders perhaps?

Have a room with ridiculously high ceilings? Place this tower atop a table (be sure to use a very special linen- nothing like what is on your dinner tables) and surround it with your escort cards.

I also imagined it filled with large tiers of wedding cakes, each tier mimicking the design of the frame. It's rather classic but a far departure from anything I've ever seen.

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