Tuesday, September 12, 2006

31 and still smiling

That's right! Today is my 31st birthday. So far, really good. One bride sang happy birthday to me (awwww)...just before she asked me to find a way to make her photography budget higher, again. "JULES!"
My wonderful wonderful friends have been so great to me. I got e-cards, and red envelope boxes, and plane tickets...I am so blessed. On top of all that, I am so excited to say- I am almost done with my to do list and its not even 4pm! Woohoo!

Wedding planning advice:
Today I also had a client move their event date so they could get the amazing band that they wanted. Thankfully I still had the date open. Changing your wedding date is not the worst thing in the world. The reason I say this is because without a doubt, there's going to be something about your wedding that is a number one priority. Chances are- it isn't the date. So why base all of your plans on that?
Let's say that you pick a date, have a great location chosen, and then you get to the band. The band means everything to you. And the one you just have to have isn't available on the date you chose. However, they are available the night before or 6 weeks later. Here's a great way to avoid this big snag: Before you do anything, make a priority list. Make sure you cover everything- band, location(s), food, guest list, photographer...everything (Don't think this is a complete list by the way, it's not even half a priority list). After you've prioritized, set your budget, detail your budget, and start planning. 1st priority first.

That's me today with my red envelope box. I'll tell you what's in it tomorrow. I'm going to save it for opening later. The other photo is the cover of the wedding program for a wedding we're doing in a couple months. We've going retro, and I think it just turned out so cute. It's inspired by a lobby card from the 1965 movie Forever Darling starring Lucy & Desi. This is just the 1st draft...still trying to decide whether to stick with the cartoon faces or photoshop in real photos. What do you think?

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