Saturday, September 02, 2006

I am so tired

Really really tired. Could be because its 10:30pm and I am running on a half cup of coffee, one fajita, and about 14 of the yummy mint dibs. Those dibs are addicting.
Today I had clients come in today from Canada. I wish the weather was better for them. It was capital U ugly today. Anyway, I was so happy to get to meet them and their wedding is going to be amazing. No matter what chairs we use... <> I hope she made it to her hair trial because we were seriously running late.
I had my 1st ever comment posted. Did anyone notice? Thanks Heather. Your blog is great too. Yesterday I did what I call "Tour de Blog". I went to every blog that I knew of, read at least 3 entries, and posted a comment. It was a fun lunch break and I found that there are some absolutely hilarious people in this world.
PICTURES: I'm pretty sure that is a Snook Kelly is holding. I mentioned that in a post yesterday, and not everyone knows that a Snook is a fish. I am in so much trouble if that's a Redfish. The other picture I just picked randomly. It's a scan of some of our chritsmas tree ornaments. Last year we decorated our tree with polaroid pictures. Anyone who came to our house took a polaroid and hung it on the tree. It was the best tree ever. Those pictures are Kelesy & me, Clint, Kelly, and Libby & Eric.
For those who don't know and who are incredibly confused: My husbands name is also Kelly. And no, we didn't name our kids Kelly. That joke was funny for like a week.

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