Thursday, September 07, 2006

Down dog, plank, something or other

I just got back from my first yoga class. Here's what I have learned. I am weak, anything but flexible, and really great at the part where you just relax. Oh, and I can stand along time in that one position where you look like superman trying to take off. I'll go back again next week. The instructor seems to think that it will all start to make sense to me and the other "new people" eventually. We'll see about that.
Earlier today I met one of my clients at a florist for a 1st consultation. She's getting married around Christmas, so rather than fight the season- we're going to roll with it. We were practically jumping up and down at the church yesterday when we found out that the 2 50' Christmas trees would be up in time for her wedding. Totally made the day. Now we just have to decide whether to go wedding white at the reception or stay with the red. The florist did a wonderful thing and offered to meet us at the reception venue to plan the rest of the florals.
In the meantime I gave her several "picture" books to see what peaks her interest. I've managed to pull together quite the wedding library over the years; always wanting to learn more. Some of my recent favorites are by Preston Bailey, Martha Stewart, and Karen Bussen. Very cool stuff. Oooh- I do like the InStyle Weddings book too.
I highly recommend to all brides to take the time and go through the wedding books for ideas. Also, hit up your wedding planners for old magazines to browse through. Mine go back at least 4 years, and although some things are completely overdone- there's the chance that you might come across something that strikes you as perfect for your wedding.
Ok, I have like 10,000 emails to reply to. Well, that's a slight exaggeration. But there are many many.
Oh! Pictures! me and the superman pose. I forget the real name. Note that I believe my leg is supposed to be in line with my back. Oh, and I got a pedicure yesterday between meetings.

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