Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fun Wedding Parties

How lucky am I to be a destinaton wedding planner? Not only do I get to plan ceremonies & receptions, but I get to plan festivities! Here's a quick list of some of my all time favorites:

Casino nights- always a huge hit. We started doing these in 2005 and they never get old. You can do something as simple as a Poker table or 2 or go all out and add a roulette wheel, black jack, and craps. Be sure to get dealers- they make all the difference.

Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Tastings- YUM. 'Nough said. The trick to these events is to have a pro there to talk about what tastes so good. For wine you have a sommelier; cheese a Maitre Fromager.

Sunset, dinner, or lunch Cruises- We do these constantly because its one of those events that everyone, young or old can enjoy. You can cruise to nowhere, or cruise to somewhere fun.

Mini Carnival- casual fun is all the rage. A totally laid back party with nothing but the stuff you aren't supposed to eat but love to eat. Pizza, brownies, ice cream, chicken fingers, french fries, cotton candy, popcorn, doughnuts...you name your favorites. Try it on a manicured lawn Add a bunch of pillows, outdoor blankets, and a DJ and you have quite the shindig. Have some games available to like Cornhole, volleyball/badmitten and horseshoes.

Karaoke- This is the one party I wish more people would do. For some reason when people get away from their normal enviornment and into the celebration mode, the fear of singing aloud disappears. Don't believe me? Think about it, when you're at a wedding and the band or DJ is playing an awesome song- doesn't everyone sing along...really loud? YEP, they do. Now imagine if that's what is supposed to happen. That's right..it's even better. It's hands down the best wedding weekend party. If your budget can swing for a karaoke band- DO IT. Oh, and this one is a must have on video.

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