Sunday, July 20, 2008

Post #301

I can't believe I've had over 300 posts. That's craziness. In a fury of boredom driving home from Savannah, I read through a bunch of old ones and found yet another wedding I missed! are the pro photos from Smiley brides wedding (a.k.a. Amy & Stephen). Amy is a wedding coordinator herself, so I had a blast planning with her. Click on each picture that you'd like to see enlarged. Each guest received a chocolate menu...serious wow factor.
The Newlyweds table. Dinner with all your best friends. Does it get better than that?
Amy & Stephen had the best of the best for music- Clint Wiley Band. They rock! Clint's band has the best playlist I've come across in a really long time. They actually keep current with what you hear on top 40 radio. That's almost unheard of with wedding bands.
How can you not love the occassional photo just for laughs? Stephen is a hoot!
5 minutes 'til aisle time...
See what I mean? She never stopped smiling!

The Peonies, oh the Peonies. this was a bad year for Peonies. They literally arrived the day before the wedding, and until one day prior, we didn't know if they'd come at all. Talk about holding your breath!
This my friends, was another great wedding!
Ack! I nearly forgot to give credit where credit is due: Phenomenal Photography by Julie Goodacre and Magnificent Makeup (and hair) by Fresh Beauty Studio.

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