Saturday, July 12, 2008

Planner + Bride + Photographer=

The Ultimate Showcase

After realizing that half the readers of this blog are brides and the other half are planners & industry pros, I thought it would be fun to do another showcase. It's been a while anyway. So this time we're calling on everyone to jump in. Wouldn't it be fun to bring an inspiration board to life? Here's how its going to work:

Last time we just did tabletops. This time I say we do anything wedding.

Planners: You get to pick what wedding element you want to showcase. Tabletop, Cake, Decor & Display, Floral, Paper Details, even a picture spot...anything that can be visual. You can use one of your favorite wedding professionals to help you with this (i.e. Florist, baker, linen company). You must give credit though if you go this route. And really, I prefer that you don't just "go out and buy it". Showcases must be using a centerpiece from last Saturdays wedding (but do borrow the flowers from it!). Stroll through the land of creativity!

You get to guide your planner. It's all about what you want and it does not have to be at all related to your actual wedding. Your showcase planner will tell you what wedding element you'll be showcasing. You then give your planner everything she/he needs to create what you think is great. This might mean some inspiring pictures, colors, textures, words & catch my drift. Keep in mind that your planner will probably restricted- so don't expect Sylvia Weinstock to bake a cake or Preston Bailey to create a centerpiece for this showcase. But Sylvia & Preston, if you are reading, we'd love to have you.

Photographers: We'll need you to photograph the bride, the planner, and the showcase element. We'll take and post a total of 6 photos for each showcase. You'll receive plenty of Blog Love (credits and link) of course.

If you want to participate, email weddingtidbits We'll take care of matching up a bride with a planner and a planner with a photographer. Obviously, we need all 3 to be local to each other for the photographing. So you might want to spread the word to folks in your area, letting them know about this blog showcase so that they can email in as well. Special request to my fellow bloggers- please pass on the news via your blogs!

Please use the subject line: "2008 Showcase".

Deadline to email in to participate is July 20th. We'll reply back with a basic form for you to fill out so that we can get everyone matched up. The sooner you email us, the quicker we can get you matched up.
I will do everything I can to have everyone matched up, but depending on the number of requests and location restrictions I might have to slim it down a bit. But again, I'll try my darndest!
Once we have everyone matched up, we'll get you all your contact info and you can have at it! We'll plan on the 1st of the Ultimate Showcase features around August 1st.
Same as last time- this isn't a contest; just blog fun & wedding inspiration!

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