Wednesday, October 10, 2007

For anyone who thinks videography is hum drum, watch this

1st let me explain the photo. Julie is beyond comical. I think I was dropping off her invitations or something, and it just so happened to be halloween. She required that I wear the glasses to look appropriate next to her in her Rambo costume.

Video. It's usually the 1st thing couples cross off their wedding budget, and the 1st thing I ask them to reconsider. Why? Because if you don't have video you can't see yourself walk down the aisle. You can't hear your Best Man give his hilarious toast again. You'll never see what your first dance looked like with that great band you hired playing in the background. As I see it, videography is as important as Photography.
So then why do some many couples nix the idea? Because they saw a really bad video from 1995. One camera, big blaring light, little or no editing, and probably on vhs. Videography has changed so much in the last 10 years that you really have to see it to believe it. The one downside to the new technology is the length of time that it takes to get your video. The editing process literally takes months. So the newest trend is getting a package with Directors Cuts and Preview Trailers. These 3 to 5 minute edited segments are ready to roll just weeks after your big day and are uploaded to the web for you and your guests to enjoy.
Here's a great one I got from AMC video. What's great about it is that it's completely and totally custom to this particular wedding. It's not the typical song choice. Julie & Phil got married last December in Bonita Springs. Julie was the happiest bride I have ever seen. The woman never stopped smiling! Their reception was all about the party- non stop dancing. The dancefloor was packed the entire night. When I say the entire night, I mean that 1/4th the guests never even ate dinner because they were too busy dancing. And the song Rob made this cut to was one of the biggest hits that whole night. The crowd literally went nuts- everyone was singing along, "Meet me at the altar in your white dress..." So as you can imagine, this cut is , while not for everyone, is completely and utterly Phil & Julie.
When you have some time, check out some of AMC's other samples on their website. They have dozens of samples showcasing some of the different elements and styles there are to choose from these days.

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