Friday, July 17, 2009

Attention Wedding Professionals: Brides don't always know.

Yesterday I was out picking out my husbands birthday gift and I went to his favorite shop. Now here's the thing, I had every intention of buying a gift. Like a Reel or a Rod or something like that. And then, I walked into the store and saw this:

I twittered that after seeing this table of I have no idea what these all are, I quickly became confused, overwhelmed, and ready to run for the oh so not unique gift certificate. A moment later, Monica of The White Box twittered back, "Aghh! Just looking at that kind of stressed me out." This comment instantly made me think,
you know, this must be what its like when a newly engaged bride is trying to decipher the abyss of flowers,fillers & vases; playlists, instruments & protocols; linens, chairs & tables; cake styles, frostings & fillings...
Do you remember when you first realized you had no idea there was so much you didn't know?
So just a reminder to us all, to make conscious efforts to explain everything to our clients, or at least inquire into their knowledge so that they aren't feeling like a chick in a fishing tackle shop when her comfort zone is Homegoods (this would be me).
Here is a great example of a magazine that totally gets it. Bride & Bloom used to include these flower cards. I still use them to this day.

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