Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wedding Tidbits Presents:

The Pro Series

Over the next several weeks I'll be posting interviews with both local and national wedding professionals. To start the party off, I did my own interview (below). If you're a pro who'd like to be interviewed, send an email to our blog email: weddingtidbits{at}

Here's mine!:

Photo by Sam Brockinton at the Summer 09 We Wed Brunch Photo Booth.
What are your company and profession?
Weddings by Socialites, Wedding Planning & Design
I am also a confessed weddingaholic.
What’s your name and title?
Kelly McWilliams, owner and “The Planner”
Should I know anyone else from your company?
Yes, always by my side and equally addicted to weddings are Michelle, Jackie, Kandice, and Whitney.
Where do you do weddings?
From Sarasota down to Key West. Favorites are Boca Grande, Captiva Island, Sanibel Island, Bonita Springs, Naples, Islamorada and Key West
Weddings by Socialites
Blog Title:
Wedding Tidbits, Kelly McWilliams’ Blog
How long have you been in business?
Officially I think we’re at 7 years. Unofficially, a long time.
Why weddings?
For me, the wedding process and wedding days are amazing. I love seeing all the pieces come together slowly. I love the anticipation, the excitement and the emotion involved. I love how one day involves so many people from the professional’s standpoint and the incredible reactions from the wedding guests. Yep, I adore it.
What your clients most often commend you on?
Three things: How smooth the day went, and how much better it was than any wedding they’ve ever been to, and how much they appreciated all the honest advice I gave them along the way.
Best piece of advice for brides & grooms?
Let your professionals do their jobs. Tell them where you want to go (or not go) and let them tell you how to get there.
Also, do get products/services that will help you enjoy your wedding day more. Such as hire someone else do your hair and makeup. One less thing for you to do and stress about.
What is one thing that makes working with new clients easier?
The more specific and upfront they are with me, the easier it is to plan and develop for them.
When it comes to the creative side, it’s easiest for me to have some images to start with. Then let my imagination roll.
Can I find you on Twitter?
What is the oddest request you’ve ever received? Or
What is the craziest thing you saw happen at a wedding?

Odd request:
“Can you build a wall at the reception to keep my dad from seeing my mom?”

Crazy happening:
I don’t think most would believe the craziness I’ve seen. Nearly every wedding something completely insane happens with guests. Typically it’s inspired by a few too many drinks. But the top on my list:
I once had to drop an entire wedding cake into mulch.

Anything you'd like to share?:
As my special thanks for coming back each week to read all the Pro Series, I’m giving away a $25 itunes gift card to download some of your favorite songs to listen to while getting ready for your wedding day.
Just leave a comment with your twitter name or email address and you’re in the drawing. This is open to all readers, brides & pros alike.
What is something you hope to do in the near future?
A tradtional Indian wedding! I just love what I’ve learned about the culture, ceremonies, and d├ęcor and I very much hope that I’ll have the opportunity to plan one soon.

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