Monday, July 06, 2009

Remodeled! Check out the new Weddings by Socialites Planning Studio and Staff

The last month has been CRAZY! Between the amazing events we hosted (Wise Bride & We Wed Brunch) and the studio remodel, we're a tiny bit tired. But oh- it was so worth it! Stop in when you can, but in the meantime, here's a sneak peek:
This is the front room. Basically a spot to chill out for a bit before entering the client consult room. It's also where Jackie naps after being hit on the head with falling ladders. Long story. Very excited to say that I am featured in all 3 of these magazines on newstands now (Brides Florida, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, and Bride & Bloom).
The client consult room. As you can see, I have my mini library in here. It's easiest to have a nice big table to pull 40 or so books and magazines out for inspiration. And we're also so happy to have a staff meeting space that doesn't require someone sitting on the floor (happened all the time and it was usually me). I also have some of my tablescape collection back there (along with the necessary celebratory champagne). Oh, and that's the entire collection of Pacific Weddings magazine. I won it a few months ago on a blog contest, ha!
Lastly, the office. Where all the magic happens. Er, uh, wedding planning & designing that is. I am the messy desk. And that is my mess on the floor. Whitney will no doubt have a stroke when she sees the mess I made. That's Kandice being very excited about a picture of a car that we're renting for a client. If you had any idea what it took to get this photo, ugh. The magazines- I do actually read all wedding magazines before they make it into the mini library and yes, I am obviously really far behind.
Up next, all the girls of Weddings by Socialites...
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